Welcome to 4 R Planet

Cultivating a sustainable future, together.

Our Mission

We bring together sustainable living enthusiasts to study, research, develop, educate about, and implement sustainable systems that can be utilized by individuals, communities, and the World.

Our Purpose

Seeing the resilience of nature and understanding our own ability to recognize and change unsustainable systems at all levels; personal and as a society.  From individual diet, health & happiness to large scale solutions for food, energy & housing for cities.  Examining personal thoughts and ways of thinking to be our best and what it means to govern the people justly and sustainably.  As always, change happens within each of us first and radiates outward in thought and action!  Be the Change you want to be in the world!

Members Receive

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of 4 R Planet:

  • Connect with like-minded sustainable living enthusiasts to share ideas and collaborate on projects.
  • Receive support and guidance for your sustainable systems from experienced community members.
  • Enhance your understanding of sustainable living practices through research, workshops, and real-world implementation.
  • Be a part of building sustainable communities near you.

When You Join Today

When you join 4 R Planet today, you’ll have opportunities to be a part of:

Sustainable Living Online Workshops: Attend a series of interactive online workshops covering topics like renewable energy, organic farming, and waste reduction. Develop new skills and gain practical knowledge that can be applied to your daily life and shared with your community.

Eco-Innovation Chat Groups: Participate in chat groups focused on discussing ideas for sustainable systems and technologies. Share your experiences, debate on new and existing eco-friendly innovations, and collaborate on solutions for a greener future. This helps foster a like-minded network while keeping you updated on the latest trends.

Green Living Event Series: Take part in community events, fairs, and presentations showcasing and promoting sustainable living practices in your city. These events provide hands-on opportunities to explore new systems, ideas, connect with experts in the field, and directly contribute to the global movement toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Give a Presentation or Workshop sharing your Knowledge related to your Sustainable Passions: Businesses, Libraries and various organizations are always looking for speakers who can share beneficial information on new topics.  As a Representative of the not for profit 4 R Planet, you will have increased opportunities to speak and share.

Volunteer for a Cleanup Project: Join a local cleanup crew in your area to make a difference in your neighborhood.  Initiate and promote a cleanup project and attract new like minded people to join us in making positive changes.

Submit a Sustainable Research Project: Document your project and share the results and knowledge gained with others and you qualify to be able to receive donations and public support for your sustainable passions.

Partner with other 4 R Planet Members to purchase Farmland to Build Physical Community: Experience the Power of a Team, Community and being a part of a not for profit to pool Resources for Maximum Benefit and to Accelerate the process of making our Sustainable Dreams a Reality.